SGLN staff and board are diving back into work this month with a board meeting on 6 February and a staff action planning day on the 14th. 
We have a lot of exciting projects on the agenda for 2024. They include presenting our Biodiversity Protection Plan (BPP) to key agency stakeholders this month for discussion at a workshop in March.
Less exciting (but very necessary) is an in-depth review of the SGLN constitution (also known as governing rules or rules of association) with a view to making some amendments at the next AGM. We’re being assisted by Belinda Brennan who has offered to talk to our groups about their own rules of association, and good governance generally. Nick and Jane will be in touch about this opportunity.
Belinda is also helping us to rev up the South Gippsland Landcare Fund. You or your business can make one-off or regular tax deductible donations to the SGL Fund which will be used to carry out important Landcare work. You can specify which projects and even which groups you would like to support. You can also make a bequest in your will to enable us to do more work in the future. 
You can also donate to the Fund when you recycle eligible cans and bottles through the Victorian government’s new Container Deposit Scheme. It’s pretty simple: either choose SGLN as your charity via the CDS App (make sure you choose East) or at the deposit point. There are several deposit points in South Gippsland including many tips and transfer stations. Find your closest point at and start recycling and donating!

Kind regards,
Jillian Staton

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