The South Gippsland Landcare Network is a diverse group made up of primary producers, hobby farmers, tree changers, backyard gardeners and environmentalists. As of 2023 our network includes 15 locality-based Landcare Groups who always welcome new members. Use this page to find your local group and scroll down to see a summary of each group and their contacts.

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The Allambee Community Landcare Group was formed in 1994 and aims to maintain and improve the ecological status of the area, by weed and feral animal control and revegetation and restoration of indigenous plants and wildlife. We strive to educate ourselves and to welcome new-comers to the area by setting an example.

This group have a 900ltr spray unit available for group members only to hire.



The Allambee South Landcare Group was formed in the early 1990’s and strives to enhance and protect vegetation within the area and undertake effective Natural Resource Management and sustainable agriculture.



The Arawata Landcare Group was formed in 1997 and has 60+ member families. The Arawata Landcare Group works towards a sustainable and productive environment. This Group strives to encourage the return of flora and fauna through preserving, protecting and regenerating and to engage all new and existing community members.

Arawata LC has a spray trailer available to hire from the MG store in Leongatha.  Phone Peter on 0419 881 716 for information and to book. For Landcare members only.

For membership contact:

The beginnings of the Group started in 1990 and aims to promote the vision of Landcare principles by working towards a sustainable environment with due regard to the diverse nature of landholdings around South West areas of Corner Inlet. We seek to preserve and protect remnant vegetation, restore the health of land and waterways, expand wildlife corridors and control weeds and vermin.

In 2021 the Lower Franklin River, Agnes River & Friends of Stockyard Creek Landcare Groups amalgamated to form Corner Inlet Landcare. This large group helps look after the rivers (Agnes & Franklin) and creeks (Deep, Muddy & Stockyard) flowing from Gippsland’s Strzelecki Ranges to the sea at Corner Inlet – we work to improve the health of its banks and beyond.

The group has a 200ltr spray unit available for Landcare members to hire.

Contact details:

President: Alex Daraio



The Fish Creek Landcare Group was formed in 1992 and currently this Group has been classified as “Thriving” with more than 60 member families. The Fish Creek Landcare Group strives to provide the whole community with leadership and education for an ecologically sustainable environment through coordination, cooperation and communication.


Our Incorporated Association was formed in April 2022 and has been working with South Gippsland Shire Council (SGSC) to promote and enhance the botanic and historic characteristics of the Korumburra Botanic Park. One of our other aims is to promote and enhance the environmental characteristics of Olsens Walk, which includes a  riparian pocket that is badly infested with weeds. 

Ongoing efforts are being undertaken to control woody weeds, blackberry, Ivy etc with plantings planned for the future. In 2022/23 the group obtained a SGSC Community Grant & SGSC Small Grant to revegetate 2 drain areas in the Park. We have already held numerous working bees covering weeding & planting and expect to apply for Landcare funding in the near future.

Work parties at the Park generally occur every 2 weeks alternating between mid-week & weekends – weather permitting.
You can be informed of upcoming events by viewing our Facebook page here
In addition we can be contacted via our email: 

Friends of Turtons Creek is an active volunteer-based community group established in 2014 to help protect and restore the natural environmental values around Turtons Creek, and to promote the enjoyment of this beautiful environment through community activities.


The Hallston Regenerative Agricultural Group is located in Hallston. It is supported by and auspiced by South Gippsland Landcare Network.

We are dedicated to taking care of the local area in a regenerative/traditional/holistic way.

We provide educational opportunities, events, advice, access to funding, sharing of equipment and trees.

To join us contact Gerhard Grasser or Jill and Gary at

Please visit our Facebook group

Loch/Nyora Landcare Group was founded in May 1996 and is located in Port Phillip and Westernport Catchment Management Authority area taking in the towns of Loch and Nyora and the surrounding farming land.

In 2021 we celebrated our 25th Anniversary with a luncheon at the Jeetho hall.

Our group implements projects and promotes weed control, recycling, healthy soils and tree planting to ensure the long-term sustainability of the region’s natural resources and agricultural activities.

The group holds regular meetings and activities and has a strong connection to the local community working with the schools, Kinder and the reserves.

The Landcare community looks forward to the completion of the Rail Trail and the increased accessibility to Hilda Falls a long-term project of the group. Located just 2.5km from Loch Hilda Falls is a natural rock waterfall on Allsop Creek.

Tree planters and spray-backpacks are available for local use.

We always welcome new members and we can be contacted by email



The Mardan Mirboo North Landcare Group Inc. is is based around the localities of Mirboo North, Mirboo and Mardan, nestling in the foothills of the Strzelecki Ranges between the East and West branches of the Tarwin River and encompassing the Berrys Creek catchment that feeds into the West Branch of the Tarwin.

We auspice the Friends of Baths Road Reserve, which works to preserve and rejuvenate this important area of remnant wet forest adjacent to Baromi Park in Mirboo North. We have current projects working on erosion control and native revegetation. We enjoy holding ‘Tree Bees’ to help members plant trees on their properties with the focus on providing habitat for our genetical diverse koala population. We also hold occasional information workshops e.g., fencing, farm walks.

The group holds bi-monthly meetings during the year, with Christmas and February meetings being usually, a BBQ either at a park or members property.

We have a range of equipment, backpack sprayer, Hamilton tree planters, Myna bird traps etc. and fencing equipment available for members to borrow.

New members are welcome to contact us through our website at: 

Mt Lyall Landcare group have celebrated their 20th anniversary and are still going strong. The group is located around the area between Poowong, Nyora and Athlone. Members of all farming types are welcomed to join. The group often holds farm walks, guest speakers or information sessions.

The Mt Lyall Landcare Group has 2 x 900L spray units for members to hire only.


The Nerrena Landcare Group was formed in 1995 and aims to protect and enhance the natural assets of the area, through action, community participation, education and awareness.

For the past few years we have been working on a plan to restore the wetlands at the confluence of the Tarwin River and the Blackspur creek. The Black Spur Creek Wetland (BSCW) Project area is 100 acres of public land, once railway reserve, that lies between Koonwarra and Meeniyan; towns linked by the South Gippsland Highway and Great Southern Rail Trail (GSRT). Bushland fragmentation, narrow remnant strips and the high ratio of edges to area has eliminated many species of birds, animals and plants from the South Gippsland landscape. The size of BSCW area gives it the potential to provide significant habitat for species requiring intermediate patch size. The project would be an important “node/core” of biodiversity which, linked with wildlife corridors including the GSRT, would add value to the other remnants and revegetation in the district. Our vision for the wetlands is “As a beautiful natural area, the Black Spur Creek Wetland delights locals and visitors, its unique ecological functions and features are protected and restored, and it continues to enhance adjoining road, rail trail, lifestyle, educational and farming activities.”

Click the link to download the Blackspur wetlands project plan Black Spur Report Final

For more Info:

Poowong-Triholm are an extremely active group who strive to improve the environment around through weed control, tree planting and healthy soils. The group regularly lobbys to ensure the environmental and agricultural integrity of the area remians. The group holds regular meetings, farm walks, field trips and guest speakers on a wide range of topics from weed control to seagrasses in Westernport Bay.



The Tarwin Landcare Group was first formed in 1995 with the motto “for the farmers, by the farmers”. Our goal was to obtain funding for on-ground works that supported sustainable agriculture, including weed and pest control.
Over the past few years, our membership has changed significantly and now includes large and small-scale farmers, lifestylers, holiday home owners and residents of Tarwin Lower, Venus Bay and Walkerville. Our members carry out Landcare activities on their own properties and we initiate and support community-based projects within our area. 
Current projects include the ongoing care and maintenance of the Venus Bay – Tarwin Lower bike path, weed control at Bald Hills Wetland Reserve, a mangrove restoration project at Venus Bay and the creation of a series of bush regeneration videos with local farmers and gardeners.
We aim to hold at least one event every two months, and usually hold more during the warmer months.  We also enjoy getting together with our neighbouring Landcare Groups. 
Tarwin Landcare Group welcomes new members, especially those with ideas and enthusiasm for new projects. We have a 900L spray unit for hire for members of Tarwin and nearby groups.
For more information, email or visit our Facebook page: Tarwin Landcare Group (


Established in 2023 this group aims to ‘Progress through community action the regeneration of South Gippsland’s habitat, including the creation of a Prom Coast Ecolink’. Contact Anda Banikos on

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