Taking action for biodiversity and Biodiversity Protection Plan (BPP) update
Graham and Elaine Ross revegetated 80 acres of their property at Foster North seven years ago with Greening Australia. This included planting support from the Gunaikurnai works crew from east Gippsland. Coming from Scotland, they had seen the impact of broad scale land clearing and wanted to do something to help slow the loss of biodiversity in Australia, plus capturing carbon to help address climate change. They’ve seen significant growth in the last few years, with koalas starting to come onto the property. Hopefully lyrebirds from the nearby Franklin River will move in soon too! 
Their neighbour joined in and has revegetated about 40 acres, and they now work together with landholders from the area to control the growing threat and impact of deer. In the last couple of years Graham has become a board member of Greenfleet (who also do large scale revegetation projects). He’s also a board member of SGLN, and is on the Biodiversity Protection Plan (BPP) subcommittee, which has been working together with Yasmin Kelsall on finalising the draft of the BPP. We’ll be sharing this with our stakeholder organisations soon and getting their feedback, and then will be releasing the final draft of the BPP for comment around April.

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