As the end of the financial year approaches, please consider donating to the South Gippsland Landcare Fund. Your contribution directly supports the preservation and enhancement of our environment and farming sustainability in South Gippsland. Every donation is tax-deductible, and 100% of the funds go directly to South Gippsland Landcare Network’s programs.

Join us in making a tangible difference. Protect and enhance South Gippsland’s environment by donating to one of the worthy projects below.

South Gippsland Biolinks Plan

This project seeks to support the development of a Biolink Plan as recommended by the Biodiversity Protection Plan for South Gippsland 2024.
Proposed South Gippsland Biolinks Plan Outcomes:

  • Support and assist South Gippsland Shire in reviewing and updating environmental overlay schemes.
  • Provide local Landcare and other environmental groups with a plan for their area and support for funding applications to implement key recommendations.
  • Connect local actions into a coordinated approach to protect and enhance the environment of South Gippsland.
Project goal $150,000
Amount raised 23.3%

Supporting Local Landcare Groups

Raising funds for individual Landcare groups helps biodiversity projects in specific areas in South Gippsland. By supporting Local Landcare Groups, you support projects such as:

Arawata Landcare Group:
Arawata Biolinks. The group has planted over 30,000 plants in recent years and is seeking donations to continue their revegetation activities, protect more remnant bush, and continue weed suppression across the region.

Nerrena Tarwin Valley Landcare Group:
Black Spur Wetlands Project.

Tarwin Landcare Group:
Deer Control Management Program.

Project goal $10,000
Amount raised 0%

Enhancing Koala Habitat

Protect important koala habitat and extend revegetation efforts across the landscape, allowing koalas to move safely through the environment.

Approximately 80% of koala habitat has been decimated since European settlement. Of the remaining 20%, most occurs on private land. By supporting Landcare, you support the preservation and creation of koala habitat.

Your donation helps protect and create koala habitat and improve the health of creeks, streams, and river frontages in South Gippsland.

Project goal $50,000
Amount pledged 3%

Prom Coast Ecolink

Prom Coast Ecolink is a community-driven initiative that works to preserve and protect the natural environment through collaboration and connection. Their current focus area is the Hoddle Range, which has great potential to serve as a vital wildlife corridor.

Find out more about Prom Coast Ecolink here.

Project Goal $10,000
Amount raised 0%

Corner Inlet Landcare Group

Corner Inlet Landcare Group are driven by a powerful belief in community-led action to cultivate a sustainable and thriving environment.

Every donation you make is more than a contribution to the land; it’s a vital investment in the future of our community.

As champions of the Landcare ethos, we are wholeheartedly committed to nurturing and safeguarding our natural surroundings. Our efforts are wide-ranging, focusing on revitalising land and waterways, creating and expanding wildlife corridors, enhancing regional biodiversity, and advocating for long-term sustainable land use. We are proud to work within the globally recognised Corner Inlet Ramsar site, an area of critical ecological importance.

Project Goal: $10,000
Amount raised 0%

Real Community Carbon Action

The Real Community Carbon Action program uses tax-deductible donations to plant indigenous trees and shrubs in South Gippsland to help capture the carbon emitted from the use of personal vehicles.
Offset your vehicle’s carbon emissions by donating to this project, and we will use 100% of the funds to plant indigenous plants in South Gippsland.

Total Project cost $20,000
Amount Pledged 15%

South Gippsland Landcare Fund

By donating to the South Gippsland Landcare Fund you help preserve, protect, and enhance the environment of South Gippsland.

All donations are tax-deductible, with 100% of donations used to fund SGLN’s programs.

Total Project Cost $10,000
Amount pledged 61%


All donations are tax-deductible, with 100% of donations used to fund South Gippsland Landcare Network’s programs.

Help us protect and enhance the environment of South Gippsland.

Contact the Fund

Po BOX 419

– Are donations tax deductible?

– Will I receive a receipt for my donation?
Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.

Images by WGCMA, Phoebe Honey and Stuart Inchley.

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