Real Community Carbon Action


South Gippsland Landcare Network (SGLN) is inviting all community members to capture their vehicles carbon emissions for the year 2023 with a simple donation.

The Real Community Carbon Action program uses tax deductible donations to plant indigenous trees and shrubs in South Gippsland to help capture the carbon emitted from the use of personal vehicles.

These plantings:

  • Store carbon
  • Create habitat for wildlife
  • Protect precious waterways
  • Reduce nutrient run off into streams
  • Protect precious soil
  • Create shade for livestock.

Capturing your vehicle’s carbon emissions starts at just $56 and is a great Christmas Gift idea for the environmentally minded family member or that person who has everything!  Taxable donations can be made online at or via the SGLN office and includes bumper sticker and certificate.

“Let’s make 2023 the year we all reduce our carbon footprint.” Jillian Staton, Chair, South Gippsland Landcare Network.


Please note, this is not a certified carbon offset program and cannot be used towards any carbon neutral claim for individuals or businesses. Regardless of this, the plants planted on your behalf will still be capturing enough carbon to equal your car emissions for a year.

If you like this donation to be a gift – please email details of recipient and we will send the recipient a certificate and bumper sticker.

Thank you for your support. 

Yours in Landcare, SGLN 


Peter and Kate Walsh of Koonwarra received carbon offset funding from SGLN in 2012 which enabled them to plant 2,500 seedlings and transform an eroded bare gully into thriving piece of bush.  Ten years on, the gully is teeming with a healthy bird and animal population.

One of the benefits of joining a local carbon action program is that the community can view the positive impact the project is having. As you drive over the new road at Koonwarra, look out to your right past Tarwin River and up on the hill you will see the results of the revegetation.

Real Community Carbon Action

All donations are tax deductible
Get your carbon neutral for 2023 sticker when you capture your vehicle's carbon with SGLN.

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