We love our Strzelecki koalas in South Gippsland, and they are very active at the moment. There are lots of reported sightings in backyards, on farms and by roadsides and our sleep is sometimes interrupted by those unmistakable night-time sounds. If you have photos to share, you can email them to communications@sgln.net.au.

There are only three more months to assist the Great Victorian Koala Survey to collect koala scats, with Kelly Smith running three volunteer sessions in January. If you’d like to get involved, more information can be found here.

We are also hearing from wildlife carers that they are experiencing increased requests to rescue wildlife injured on our roads, especially young koalas. Wildlife Victoria reminds us to:

  • reduce speed
  • be mindful of road signs
  • be extra vigilant between dusk and dawn, when wildlife are most active
  • call Wildlife Victoria on 8400 7300 if you see injured wildlife on or near the road.

As part of our Biodiversity Protection Plan for South Gippsland (currently under development) we’ll be working together with other organisations and agencies to protect our local wildlife.

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