I am really pleased with the progress we are making on our Biodiversity Protection Plan (BPP) which is being managed by Cassie, with guidance from Board members, Jen Layton and Graham Ross.  
An important part of the BPP will be group input. Nick and Jane are helping our presidents collate information about the work each group has done in the past and what they think should be done in the future to protect our biodiversity. A short video is available on our website that describes our progress to date. 
On a completely different note, it seems that our Landcare number plates, commissioned in 2013, are a collectors item! Poor Jane is being overrun with enquiries about the 20 remaining number plates from people who don’t even live in Victoria. Our preference is that the number plates are owned by people who have a genuine interest in Landcare, so please consider purchasing one for yourself, friend or family member for the bargain price of $475. (True story: I avoided getting a parking ticket because the inspector saw my number plate and said “you’re in Landcare; you must be a good person”!)

Kind regards,
Jillian Staton 

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