Welcome to a new Landcare year!

Hopefully restrictions are behind us and we can return to business as pre-COVID normal (if we can remember what that was!).

If getting on top of weeds is part of your new year management plan, we are running a workshop this month (see below) that will give you some tips on controlling woody weeds like blackberry, mirror bush and pittosporum (apologies to everyone who likes pittosporum; I hate to see it out of its natural damp forest habitat as it is so invasive).

We also have a great range of resources on the SGLN website to help you tackle a wide range of environmental and agricultural weeds. (Environmental weeds are plants that threaten biodiversity because they outcompete native flora; agricultural weeds are plants that impact our farming sector and there may be a legal requirement to control them.)
While you’re on the website, please check out our videos and factsheets on soil biology and regenerative farming. These resources are becoming more relevant as we consider ways to preserve precious assets like soil and water. To that end, if you’re worried about your property’s ability to withstand heavy rain events, please attend the Strzelecki Erosion Landslip Forum.

Regards, Jillian Staton 

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