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Learn how to reduce weeds on your property through soil management.

South Gippsland Landcare Network invite you to learn from prominent soil scientist Declan McDonald on how to improve soil management to reduce weed infestation such as Ragwort and achieve a myriad of other on-farm benefits.  Declan McDonald Declan is a Principal Soil Scientist with ReGen Soils. He has extensive experience working in agriculture and production horticulture. Skilled in Regenerative Agriculture Declan has worked closely with farmers and other land managers on a range of projects with Landcare and Producer groups. Declan has an undergraduate degree in Horticulture and a Master’s Degree focused on Sustainable Agriculture (Soils) from University of Sydney. This event is funded via Agriculture Victoria’s Partnership Against Pests program.

When: Saturday 25 November; 10am – 12:30pm (Registrations open 9:45am)

Where: Hallston Hall. 2650 Grand Ridge Road, Hallston

What to bring

  • Notepad and pen
  • Hat, sunscreen


For planning and catering purposes please register HERE

More information: jane@sgln.net.au or call 0419 761 531

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