First, I wish everyone who experienced storm damage a quick recovery. Please contact our facilitators if any of your Landcare projects need attention and we will see what assistance is available. 
We were surprised to hear that the Minister for Environment, Steve Dimopolous, was planning to visit the Mirboo Mardan North and Arawata Landcare Groups on 9 February to see their Victorian Landcare Grant projects. There are 600 Landcare Groups in Victoria so to have been chosen is a great honour for both the groups and SGLN.
Steve and fellow MP, Tom MacIntosh, appeared very pro-Landcare. Their visits to both properties went far longer than scheduled and Steve emphasised several times the great return that investing in Landcare provides for the Victorian taxpayer. Importantly, Steve took on board our suggestion that the government consider funding pest and weed coordinators through the Victorian Landcare Program.  
Thank you to the landowners (Heather, Alex and Claire) and Group members who hosted the visits (Helen, Aaron, Nick, Jo and Syd) and to our staff (Cassie, Nick and Jane). I was extremely proud of everyone’s achievements and the image that was presented to the Minister. 
In other news, we will be hosting the final key organisational stakeholders meeting on 7 March, to gather feedback before we release our Biodiversity Protection Plan in the coming months. Thanks to Cassie who has driven this project with assistance from Jen Layton, Graham Ross and Jo Sapir, but especially to Libby Anthony who first suggested the idea of a BPP in 2020. And a big shoutout to ecologist Yasmin Kelsall who has been pulling it all together. 

Kind regards,
Jillian Staton

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