I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone at our AGM on 11 October and hearing from Anthony Amis about what we can do to help the Strzelecki Koala. If you haven’t booked yet, please do so via this link.
We’ve had an extremely busy month. Our Carbon Forum (admittedly held at the end of August!) was very well attended and raised some interesting topics for discussion. Thanks especially to Jane, Cassie and board member Sam.
On 14 September, we held the second Key Organisational Stakeholder meeting for our Biodiversity Protection Plan and the following week, Cassie and I presented our progress to the South Gippsland Shire Council. Support for the BPP is enormous and there will be many opportunities for collaborative work in the future. All KS participants are keen to be part of an implementation working group after the BPP is finalised, and the Council were also very positive about an environmental ‘road map’ for the region. 
We plan to deliver the draft BPP to the Key Organisational Stakeholders in February 2024. Thank you to all our Landcare Groups who have assisted Yasmin; her mapping and data reveals the enormous impact you are having across our region.
Finally, on 26 February, in partnership with the Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation, we provided the opportunity for members to meet online with two respected First Nations leaders to speak about Native Title, the Voice and agriculture in South Gippsland. It was a fascinating discussion and I encourage you to watch and share the video of the session (below).
Kind regards, Jillian Staton 

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