SGLN Update – July 2023


Jane, our new facilitator, has hit the ground running with a successful grant application under the new Partnerships Against Pests and Weeds Program. She will be running a series of workshops over the next year that will be similar to the Your Backyard, Our Backyard project. The information will have a focus on ragwort which our Western sector members consistently report as being a major issue, but will also be relevant to other weeds of concern. 

Early this year, we presented Stage 1 of our Biodiversity Protection Plan (BPP) to our key stakeholder organisations. They were all excited and enthusiastic about the potential for a community-owned plan to guide conservation across South Gippsland over the next 10+ years.

We have now engaged ecologist Yasmin Kelsall from Confluence Ecology and Community to deliver Stage 2 of the BPP which includes gathering input from our groups. We will be making a short video describing the process to date and Yasmin, Nick and Jane will contact group presidents to find out the best way to share their information.

Finally, I’d like to thank all the groups that have submitted their reports for our 2022-23 Annual Report. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading them. Keep up the excellent work and remember that as of 21 June, you’ll have an extra 43 seconds of daylight every day to get more great things done!

Kind regards, Jillian Staton 

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