Multispecies Coaching Project

Through multiple recent sustainable agriculture projects, we’ve identified there is strong interest in growing multispecies pastures in South Gippsland. However, as this is a new practice for many, there was a need for training and support around site preparation requirements, species selection and more.

The multispecies coaching project has brought together 32 farmers from across South Gippsland. Our first training day was held in September 2023. We visited a Foster North farm where the landholder shared what he has learnt over several years growing multispecies, and spent the afternoon learning from Jade Killoran, multispecies specialist. Participants developed their own plans for sowing a spring/summer multispecies crop on their farms.

Participants then worked together on a bulk seed purchase, and shared questions, photographs and lessons learned via an online chat group. The group also caught up via online meetings to ask further questions of Jade and compare successes and challenges.

A second training day was held in March 2024. Jade provided further advice, and participants planned their autumn/winter crops, before visiting a local farm for further multispecies inspiration. An online meeting in June continued the learning and sharing amongst the group.  

Participants are from a diverse set of farms including beef, sheep and dairy, with a range of soil types. Properties range from small hobby farms with no machinery (who hand broadcast seed) to large farms with big tractors and equipment. It has been fantastic seeing everyone working together (e.g. on bulk seed purchases), supporting each other and learning together. We’ve also identified approaches that work from small up to large scales.

We are hoping to be able to continue this program and to open it up to allow more landholders to participate and have applied for grants to enable us to do so. If successful, we’ll advertise any future opportunities in SGLN’s enews.

For further information contact, 0448 739 559.

Supporting Farmers to Succeed with Planting Multispecies Pastures was supported by the West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority and the Victorian Government through the Victorian Landcare Grants.

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