Threat Mitigation and Soil Hydrology for the Giant Gippsland Earthworm

SGLN is working with this new giant Gippsland earthworm (GGE) project with a consortium of local organisations; Gippsland Threatened Species Action Group, Bass Coast Landcare Network, Invert-Eco Terrestrial Invertebrate Consulting, Oates Environmental Consulting, Drift Media and Water Technology.

Through this 18 month project we will improve the conservation status of the threatened GGE by:

  • Protecting GGE colonies on 4 properties in South Gippsland through mapping colonies, landholder agreements and on-ground works
  • Undertaking a pilot study of hydrology around GGE colonies using monitoring probes to capture data on soil moisture, temperature and oxygen levels
  • Holding a public field day in 2025
  • Creating videos and case studies which will be added to and to the GGE interactive tool we created in our previous project

Working with Invert-eco staff and landholders to identify location of GGE colonies.

The headline photo above shows the site where the soil moisture probes have been installed (photo credit: Drift Media).

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This project received grant funding from the Australian Government’s Saving Native Species Program.

More information on GGE’s from previous projects:

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