Winter is supposed to be a slow time of year but at SGLN, we’re busier than ever!

The Biodiversity Protection Plan is now out for community consultation. You can access the document and comment online or attend our morning tea and discuss the contents with our staff on 5 June (details below).

One of the important actions identified in the BPP is the development of a biolinks plan for South Gippsland. Many of us associate biolinks with continuous lines of treed vegetation but these do not meet the needs of all species (eg platypus) and can actually be detrimental to others (eg giant Gippsland earthworm). The high mobility of some species means that physically continuous biolinks are not necessary – pockets of habitat (stepping stones) may be just as valuable. In contrast, some species will not survive without a minimum range of habitat being available to them.

We have therefore scoped a project for ecologists to analyse habitat data on select groups of  species (guilds) and work out to create functional ecosystems across South Gippsland. The end goal is to create functional ecosystems for as many species as possible with existing vegetation and available resources.

This ambitious and scientifically-robust project will cost around $150,000 (including staff time).
We have already secured $50,000 from private donors for this project and are actively looking for more. WIth EoFY approaching, please consider helping us by donating to the South Gippsland Landcare Fund. Every donation is tax-deductible and you know that your money will be spent right here in South Gippsland.

A long-time Landcare member who was a vigorous advocate for functional biolinks was Gary Wallis. Sadly, Gary died last month. SGLN was able to thank Gary for the amazing work he did, and for his generosity in sharing his knowledge. Our condolences go to his wife and family who he loved very much.

Kind regards,

Jillian Staton

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