We will be having our first Board meeting since the AGM this month and I’m looking forward to developing our goals and plans for 2024.
First on the list is the Biodiversity Protection Plan which we expect to be delivered to key stakeholders for review in February. This project has really opened my eyes to the amount of work that is being done across South Gippsland by our Landcare groups and other organisations and individuals. One outcome of the BPP will hopefully be better awareness and coordination of those efforts so that we don’t waste resources ‘reinventing the wheel’, and that we can build on each others’ projects.
Another outcome will be actions to identify potential biolinks across our region. There is considerable interest amongst our Landcare groups and the broader Gippsland community for the development of safe corridors for native animals, including pollinators (Prom Coast EcoLink is working hard in this space, as an example). 
Determining the best criteria for biolinks is highly complex and relies on accurate data about the presence of a range of species in particular areas. You can help by recording and identifying plants and animals in South Gippsland through iNaturalist. When you add your observations to the site, they will be added to our South Gippsland’s Living World collection project. Go to the SGLN website where we have uploaded some useful videos about using iNaturalist. Every sighting is valuable!

Kind regards, Jillian Staton 

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