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September is Biodiversity Month so a perfect time to update you on our Biodiversity Protection Plan.
Thank you to everyone who provided input about past, current and future Landcare Group activities and priorities. The picture you have painted is one of an active, informed and concerned community that is working quietly to get things done. Importantly, it ensures that the BPP is a document that will be useful for all decision-makers – from people like us on the ground through to government.
Our second organisational stakeholder meeting will be on 14 September which coincides with a Strzelecki Alpine Biolink stakeholder meeting. We considered changing the date however we actually see a lot of value holding them simultaneously. First, it obviously shows how much interest there is in the broader Gippsland community for meaningful action to protect biodiversity, and second, more representatives from each stakeholder organisation are becoming familiar with both projects. 
By the time many of you read this, we will have held our Carbon Forum on Friday, 1 September. Hopefully it will have answered many of the questions we all have about the different programs on offer, and helped participants decide if participating in a carbon project is appropriate in their circumstances.
Enjoy the longer and warmer days, and remember to keep a look out for unwanted weeds. We have great resources on our website to help you identify and control both agricultural and environmental weeds.

Kind regards, Jillian Staton 

Spring has sprung – and so will the weeds!

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