South Gippsland Deer Action Group

Partners: Corner Inlet Landcare Group

Funding: unfunded – staff and volunteer time

Timeline: 2021 ongoing

SGLN is facilitating the establishment of a group to control deer in South Gippsland, with on-ground control efforts focussing on two areas during winter 2022: Cape Liptrap and Mt Best. General information and resources will however be available to a much larger audience.

Our draft profile is as follows:


To raise awareness of the impacts of deer and facilitate control of deer in South Gippsland through an action learning approach.


By 2030, a healthy and respectful collaboration of community, interest groups, institutions and government has resulted in the substantial and sustained reduction in the distribution of feral deer and the impact of feral deer on the community, environment and the economy.


To substantially reduce the impact and distribution of feral deer in South Gippsland.


The key roles of the network are, in relation to reducing the impacts and distribution of feral deer in South Gippsland, to:

  • Share information. Build knowledge and capacity.
  • Raise awareness in the community of the need for effective control.
  • Advocate for effective policy and control programs.
  • Advocate for adequate funding and resources.
  • Advocate for targeted research.
  • Identify opportunities for collaboration.

Additional information will be added to this page as the initiative progresses. Feel free to contact Eastern Sector Facilitator Nick Stephens on 0499 271 251.

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