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Joining your local South Gippsland Network Landcare group means you get direct access to all the latest news, grants, events, support, as well as the chance to be part of your local group fostering environmental outcomes and social enjoyment.

How much you contribute to Landcare is up to you. Groups are always happy for contributions of as much time as time as you can spare, be it several hours a week or several hours a year!

Yearly membership is only $33 per family or individual. Become part of Landcare today and enjoy the benefits!


  • Become part of your local community’s efforts to help the environment- get to know other like minded landholders and farmers
  • Help out with environmental plantings and projects in your local area- make a real difference
  • Gather and share knowledge on land management techniques


  • Access to Landcare grants to assist with environment works on your property
  • Assistance from SGLN staff with techniques for revegetation, weed control and other land management areas
  • Access to our equipment to hire (such as spray trailers and tree planters)


  • Subscription to Victorian Landcare Magazine —4 times a year
  • South Gippsland Landcare Newsletter —3 times a year plus the Annual Report
  • Monthly email newsletter—”Network Notes”


  • Regular updates on events and information related to Landcare
  • Opportunity to attend Landcare group field days, tree plantings, information sessions
  • Opportunity to hear guest speakers on range of issues including plant identification, climate change, bush foods, biological farming, soil carbon
  • Public liability insurance coverage for all Landcare events


To become a Landcare member simply fill in your details on the form below and pay your membership fee.

Joining SGLN costs $33.00 per property (includes all family members) per year. Once a registration has been made we will contact you for payment.

We accept cash in person, cheques by mail or direct deposit into our bank account.

Please email us at for our bank details if you wish to pay by direct deposit.

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