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The South Gippsland Landcare Network (SGLN) is administrating and marketing Landcare number plates on behalf of Landcare in Victoria.  All inquiries should be directed to the Landcare Facilitator on (03) 5662 5759 or  The first 100 Victorian Landcare number plates 000-LC to 099-LC are now available for purchase are they available in standard and streamline format. See the Order Form for more details.

Landcare number plates are special interest plates issued by VicRoads and as such are subject to all regulations governing registration in Victoria.

Pricing including GST:

002- LC $1,100    003 -LC $1,100    004- LC $1,100    005- LC $1,100    006-LC $1,100    007-LC $2,200     008-LC $1,100     009-LC $1,100     010-LC $1,100

011-LC to 099-LC $330

  • Number plates are issued from VicRoads in batches of 100.
  • Once the first 100 are sold, the second 100 will be released.
  • Pricing for 100-LC and beyond will be released once plates are available.

Allocation of plate numbers

  • The allocation of plate numbers will be on a first come first served basis.
  • If you wish to request a certain number, please contact SGLN to confirm its availability call (03) 5662 5759 or email
  • If the number requested is not available, you will be advised via email of the alternative numbers.


  • All orders must be made on the Order Form
  • Email orders will be confirmed and payment is required within 7 days to confirm the order.
  • If the payment is not received within 7 days, the number plate will be available for others to purchase.
  • Once paid, you will be sent a receipt and paperwork for Notification of Plate Purchase.
  • The Notification of Plate Purchase must be returned to SGLN as soon as possible.
  • SGLN will then authorise the plate number and order your allocated plate number with VicRoads.
  • The plates will be sent directly to you: delivery: 3-5 weeks from notification of plate number.

Terms and conditions-special interest plates (note: only the key points are referred to here, all terms and conditions can be found on the VicRoads website

Assigning the registration number and attaching plates

  • Once you have the Landcare number plates, you may have the number assigned to a vehicle. You can do this by calling VicRoads on 131 171 or visiting a VicRoads centre.
  • There is no charge for the first assignment of the registration number to a registered vehicle.
  • VicRoads will only assign a registration number to a vehicle that is registered in your name.
  • You must not attach you Landcare number plates to a vehicle until the registration number has been assigned to that vehicle.
  • Once the registration number is assigned to your vehicle you must attach the number plates to your vehicle.


  • If the number plates have been issued to you, but you do not want them to be affixed to a vehicle, the plates must be held on self-retention.
  • If you do not wish your number plates to be assigned to a vehicle immediately, you must ensure they are kept safely in your possession and are not fitted to a vehicle until you have notified VicRoads.
  • When you receive new plates, they are automatically treated as being on self-retention until the number is assigned to a new vehicle and you do not need to notify VicRoads regarding self-retention.
  • While your plates are on self-retention, you must keep them in a secure location and do everything you reasonably can to prevent their loss, destruction, theft or unauthorised use.

Transferring your registration rights

  • If you want to give or sell you plates to someone else, you must transfer the registration rights to that person.

 All inquiries should be directed to the Landcare Facilitator on (03) 5662 5759 or

Download the order form landcare_number_plate_order_form

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