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This Landcare funded project was undertaken to obtain data on growth rates of 3 different species of eucalypts growing on a range of sites in the Strzelecki hills.  The data will be used to guide management interventions in the production cycle – especially their timing, and to provide a better estimate of the length of the production cycle. Estimating the returns from an agroforestry enterprise is difficult due to the long lead time to harvest. The plantations established at Torwood are predicted to be ready for harvest about 2034, ie a production cycle of 23 years.

The costs are however a lot more predictable. The field day outlined the costs to date of the plantation established in 2011, listed future costs and from the projected returns provides a financial comparison of an agroforestry enterprise versus traditional grazing activities.

This agroforestry vs traditional grazing comparison will be written up as a case study.  This will be published here when available.  In the interim the field day notes are available for download as a PDF file.

Download the field day notes here

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