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The ‘A day on the farm’ field day was held on January 18, 2017 at Prom Country Cheese at Moyarra.  This was another well attended day with over 80 people attending.  Visitors to the sheep milk cheese producing farm saw the sheep being worked by a very personable kelpie, looked at the pasture and paddocks during a farm walk along with some of the Landcare shelter and waterway protection plantings.  Unfortunately the plantings could not stop the bridge being washed away during last year’s floods, however the banks of the creek seemed to be kept intact by the well-established trees. After looking at the sheep milking shed, participants completed the farm walk by returning to the cheese making room/café, where Joel from Bass Coast Landcare Network had the lamb sausages sizzling. A cheese plater allowed the attendees to sample the wonderful award winning cheese made on the farm. There were a lot of people from outside Landcare that attended this field day, a completely new demographic (families, holiday makers), got to see where food comes from.

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