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The South Gippsland Landcare Network (SGLN) was formed in 1995 and today is made up of 16 groups and over 400 families who manage and farm the land.

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Address: 2 Bellingham St, Leongatha.
Office hours vary so appointments are essential.

For General Enquiries, contact Glenn- (m) 0428 427004 (e)
For Project Updates and Information, contact Cassie (m) 0448 739 559 (e)

Improving the environment & embracing sustainable food & fibre production

Ragwort, the scariest thing you will see this Halloween

Poowong Landcare Group members in their scary costumes with Nationals Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brian (centre) and Poowong President, Mark Walters (left).  Jo McLeay is a ragwort (second from left) Put a stop to ragwort! With the arrival of spring, Landcare is encouraging people to act now against the yellow flowering plant. All across South Gippsland we see their bright yellow flower-heads on roadsides and in the paddocks of bad land managers – the lazy and incompetent. Ragwort – Senecio…

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Prevention is better than cure

How can I prevent new weeds from establishing? By stopping their spread! Through assessing risks associated with pathways and sources for spread and identifying ways to reduce these risks. A resent study into the sources and pathways of weed spread found that the greatest source of introduced weed seed come from transport, it’s therefore not hard to see that the main pathway for its spread is generated through the movement of machinery and vehicles (fodder trade, livestock movement). Knowing the…

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Weed Talk-Winter 2017

As we enter the colder months and weed growth is at its slowest for the year, now is the time to both revitalise our property weed control plans, and maintain and repair spray equipment ready for spring. A weed control plan is a useful way to assess priorities and develop an efficient plan of attack. Without an effective plan the task of controlling weeds can seem overwhelming. This weed talk will discuss a practical approach to developing a weed control…

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Contact Us

Address: 2 Bellingham St, Leongatha.
Office hours vary so appointments are essential.

For General Enquiries,
contact Glenn
(m) 0428 427004

For Project Information and Updates,
contact Cassie
(m) 0448 739 559